Any Wise Pub – Bring That Girl - demo (1992)

Any Wise Pub . Bring That Girl (demo) . OB/W-EX01

1 - Dead Bodies
2 - Dual Drunkness (Love And Die)
3 - The Holy Ghost
4 - Please, Kill Us
5 - Sadness Of A Pretty Lady
6 - Alone At Home
7 - Punch
8 - Intro
9 - Velvet Ass
10 - Body’s Destroyer
11 - Sadness Of A Pretty Lady (pre-mix)
12 - Sadness Of A Pretty Lady (final mix)



This is yet older! These are probably the oldest recordings of mine to be posted here. Well, if I won’t change my mind and decide to post the really rough recordings of my earliest musical days, but firstly I’d have to find out where I left this ‘material’ anyway...
Corsage vocalist Antonio and I formed Any Wise Pub when my previous band, The Other Side, broke up. This was 1991.

The Other Side was a great – and brief – experience to me. A friend of mine, Katia, an intellectual girl who knew almost everything about almost every good band I could imagine at that time had some writings and when I read them I wrote some guitar lines and made her want to sing in a band. Then we called our mutual friends Cleber (Corsage’s drummer) and Marco for the bass (who would later play with me again with Moonrise and Magic Crayon). Well, the band lasted just for one show, opening for Garage Fuzz in Sao Vicente (seacost of the province of Sao Paulo, Brazil). We were all creative – and hard to deal with – forces and with different backgrounds and perspectives. The set-list for this only gig consisted of the few songs we’d written and two covers: Loop’s Black Sun and Sonic Youth’s Dirty Boots (with Garage Fuzz’s Alexandre “Farofa” joining us on stage). I broke my foot on that night, for the record. We never recorded anything, apart from that gig (and it’s impossible to hear anything there except noise and feedback).

Ok, Antonio and I used to go to pubs, a lot. The influences we shared at that time were mostly Velvet Underground, Stogges, MC5, punk and grunge.
He was the vocalist for Corsage, he wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Fair enough I thought.
Then we called a jazz/bossa-nova bassist and a heavy-metal drummer.
Antonio and I played the guitars and sang.
Our gigs were incendiary. AWP was the first band with which I played for a numerous audience, playing festivals, winning a contest for being in a compilation and conceding interviews.

This demotape contains the only recordings we've made. All was recorded live in the rehearsal room, except the two last tracks, proper studio versions (I can’t recall the difference between them now) of Sadness Of A Pretty Lady (that was part of our prize for the compilation thing).

The band came to an end in 1993, when I started playing the drums for the band Speed Whale, then I met Isabel and definitely started to calm down my musical tastes a little, hehe, at least for a while.


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